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Re: Better eMail Server

On 5/20/19 9:13 PM, T wrote:

This message was originally posted to the thunderbird support list,
but the moderator there has spiked all further discussion on this
topic, and apparently the OP is supposed to magically know that and
that he should look in here for replies.

When I was moderating a busy bridge mailing list, around 20 years ago,
it was normal practice to post a moderation message when terminating a
thread, but I guess the modern way is to rely on the psychic powers of
the OP instead.

Anyway, in case the OP is reading this list as well as the Thunderbird
support one, here's his original message plus my reply.


> Hi All,
> All the technical problems with zoho.com's mail server
> are driving me nuts.  And zoho will help you with
> your problems, but their's, it is go to hell.
> gMail is technically sound, but invades your privacy
> with reckless abandon.
> Proton does not work with Thunderbird unless you rent
> a translator utility from them.
> Anyone have a security mail server they like that is
> imap and Thunderbird friendly?

I've used Pair Networks for the last 20+ years (https://www.pair.com)
but they are really a web hosting company with a domain registrar
offshoot, so their minimum package provides you your mail, ftp and web
and costs from $5.95/month according to their website (I have a
grandfathered rate, one of their promises was that they would never
raise their rates, and I'm still paying 1997 rates). They've been
absolutely rock solid in my experience, and their support is first class.

No interest other than as a happy customer.


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