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Re: The Great Firefox Extension SNAFU

On 2019-05-13 2:06 a.m., Dave Royal wrote:
Annailis <Annailis@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> Wrote in message:
Did this problem also affect Android versions of Firefox?  Presumably it
should have, but I missed all this turmoil because I was away and not
using my Windows machine.  Never noticed anything amiss in the Android
version on my tablet but only had UBlock Origin on it anyway.
Speaking of which, what should I have noticed?


I was using an Android tablet abroad when it happened. I read
  about the fault but none of my addons ever stopped working. When
  I looked at 'about:addons' it said 'could not be verified' IIRC -
  I didn't investigate carefully- but they were never disabled. I
  just assumed it didn't affect Android.

Later my phone disabled some addons, like ADB, Stylus - the others
  were probably my own loaded from local files. I can't explain the
  differing behaviour.

Must say I'm glad I wasn't using my Windows machine when the add-ons were disabled, even if it was only for a short time.

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