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Re: Delays in news.mozilla.org

😉 Good Guy 😉:

>I think When the moderator tries to block certain user, the entire node 
>comes crashing.  i have experienced a lot in Firefox and Thunderbird 
>Newsgroup when nothing from me appears on them for hours (up to 48 
>hours) and sometimes nothing appears at all.  A few days ago I was not 
>able to post anything because something was wrong on FF and TB nodes.

I think I should apologize to the moderator. Something is very wrong on
news.mozilla.org regarding mozilla.support.seamonkey. Unsubsribing and
new subscribing shows strange effects.

Well, I will experiment a little with newsrc-news.mozilla.org and
deleting manually all occurences of mozilla.support.seamonkey. If that
does not help, perhaps waiting some days will. :)

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