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Re: Delays in news.mozilla.org

On 08/05/2019 19:57, Hartmut Figge wrote:

Postings to mozilla.support.seamonkey are severely delayed. Testing, if
.general is also affected.


I think When the moderator tries to block certain user, the entire node comes crashing. i have experienced a lot in Firefox and Thunderbird Newsgroup when nothing from me appears on them for hours (up to 48 hours) and sometimes nothing appears at all. A few days ago I was not able to post anything because something was wrong on FF and TB nodes. I just gave up and decided to take a few days off from these newsgroups. In hind sight it was worth it because both Liverpool and Spurs have reached the Champions League Final to be played on 1st June in Madrid, Spain. So if any of you are Dutch or Spanish you'll hate me!! because Ajax and Barcelona were the teams eliminated in an epic semi-final.

I just posted something on FF newsgroup and it appeared almost immediately. So perhaps I am off the moderator's block list for now and this is shocking to me!!!.

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