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Re: Latest FF Fiasco

The Real Bev wrote:
On 05/06/2019 04:20 PM, »Q« wrote:
In <news:ff2dnZlI6azfD03BnZ2dnUU7-afNnZ2d@xxxxxxxxxxx>,
clay <cl@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

The Real Bev wrote:
> I've written several on-top posts in the m.s.f group which have
> been censored.  I wonder if Chris is just deleting the really angry
> ones (like mine) resulting in no feedback at all about angry users
> to the shithead(s) responsible.

Only part was angry. One part explained what NOT to do and another part asked a question.

I posted the reply below and it doesn't seem particularly snippy (to
me, anyway). Apparently, it's been censored.

I don't speak for him, but I'm pretty sure he'd see your post as not
seeking or offering support.  That'd be enough for him to want to stop
it going through, but I don't know what rules (if any) he holds himself
to these days.  Bev's attempts to use the support group for angry user
feedback wouldn't have gotten through under any of the rules used since
moderation started.

For at least a little while during the Great Browser Clobbering Fiasco,
he seems to have been holding every message for moderation, which isn't
normal.  I got an automagic e-mail notice that said

   Your mail to 'support-firefox' with the subject

     Re: What happen with firefox, lot extensions moved to unverified

   Is being held until the list moderator can review it for approval.

   The reason it is being held:

     Header matched regexp: To:

This is mine:

  The reason it is being held:
     Header matched regexp: From: .*bashley101.*

It's been that way since at least last November, the oldest one I'd saved.

The way the mail/news thing is set up, that matches every post,
e-mailed or NNTP'd.  The automagic notice also said

   Either the message will get posted to the list, or you will receive
   notification of the moderator's decision.

That was over 24 hours ago, during which time he must have cleared his
moderation queue (since posts have been appearing since then).  My post
never showed up and I received no notification of his decision.  Is
that what usually happens these days when he rejects a message?

Apparently. He probably assumes we know why we were censored, which we probably do most of the time. I've been censored for what seemed to me acceptable posts according to the rules, though.

eh... I just won't post over there anymore.

Good news is, I got one ESR browser back to normal. There's still a warning that some add-ons can't be verified, but they're working (for now).
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