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Moderators Updates etc

Has any of you seen this before? Obviously this applies to big 8 newsgroups.

Hello all.  It's been a while, but I wanted to check in here.

I recently sent email to the moderators mailing list, both affirming
that we're continuing to make updates, and inquiring regarding desires
to use new email protocols for forwarding postings.  I'm not sure how
much attention people pay to the moderators list anymore, so wanted to
post here as well, so as to let a more general audience know that
the topic is active.

Similarly, although Usenet usage is obviously much lower lately, we're
keeping the infrastructure together for those who want to use it.  The
situation feels very different from previous decades, of course, but
Usenet discussions do continue.  (Some even seem worthwhile.  )

-Todd McComb

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