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Re: Add-ons "unverified..."

My bloviated meandering follows what Don Spam's Reckless Son graced us with on 5/6/2019 3:55 AM:
Sailfish wrote:
My bloviated meandering follows what jetjock graced us with on 5/5/2019 9:13 AM:

Since the 52.x line is legacied, I doubt any security or any other updates will be coming along anyway, except for an errant cert "fix" or so :-) So, as long as I don't install any other add-ons, I expect I'm as good as I'm going to get with that release version.

The certificate problem was caused by a certificate expiring, not by any update to Firefox itself - although obviously a previous update to FF imposed that requirement in the first place. They are releasing updates to fix this mess: One on Saturday (fixed it for some people), one on Sunday (fixed it for some more, including ESR and Android). More is still to come. The product manager for add-ons said "In particular, please do not delete and/or reinstall any add-ons as an attempt to fix the issue".

Yes, that is my understanding, as well. My 'errant cert "fix"' comment should have been encapsulated in [sarcasm] tag.

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