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Re: Oh the hypocrisy!

On 2019-05-05 21:21, PietB wrote:
Wolf K wrote:
Looked for "More Information" about the reason for blocking add-ons.
Found this, and I kid you not:

"Add-ons that can change your browser's settings without your consent or
steal your information have become increasingly common. "

Just like Mozilla, in fact.

Oh the hypocrisy!

How true.

For the foreseeable future I will be disrecommending Firefox.

Which browser(s) would you recommend then?
Not Chrome, Safari, Edge or Opera, because they'll deprive you
of the possibility to block the privacy-violating tracking
euphemistically called "hyperlink auditing".


Good question. I've downloaded plae Moon installer, will experiment with it.

In the meantime, I've been able to restore tab bar to my preferred position vi a userChrome.css file I found online. So FF OK for now.

This has been a worthwhile "learning opportunity" (LO), so I guess I should be grateful. At my age, they are few and far between. Pointless or trivial LOs abound...


Wolf K
You are who you intend to be. (Kurt Vonnegut)
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