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Re: Extensions screw-up

On 05/05/2019 15:51, Frosted Flake wrote:
How about one of you knowledgeable folks posting a step-by-step procedure for fixing this. Give it a subject like 'step-by-step fix for extensions'
How about trying to live your life without any Add-Ons? It's time to get used to using Apps without any Add-Ons.

Add-Ons can introduce bugs and malware because nobody has the time to look at their codes and scrutinise them. Therefore, to be safe avoid them.

I was using only one Add-On called ColorZilla but that had stopped working but it is not the end of me using FF, In any case I wasn't actually dependent on that Add-On so I'm not missing it. In fact I didn't realise it has stopped working until I saw spam posts talking about Add-Ons here and on Windows 10 Newsgroup. I have now filtered all posts about this crap on Windows because it is generating hundreds of useless posts.

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