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Re: Add-ons "unverified..."

Wolf K wrote:
On 2019-05-04 14:00, Hartdonor wrote:

On Sat, 4 May 2019 13:59:22 -0400, in mozilla.general, Wolf K wrote:

Several of my fave add-ons "could not be verified..."


I want 'em back. I don't give a rat's ass for warnings about security
problems with unverified add-ons.

Either add in the most popular add-on functionalities, or let us take
the risks with whatever add-ons we want. We're grown ups.


Best wishes.


"Studies" is not installed/enabled on my version of Firefox. I stopped updating FF after the last one messed with my preferred screen layout. I installed the prior version, which was more customisable. Unfortunately, this version accepted the silent update that disabled my extensions.

Bah! Double bah!

[Draft of blunt remarks about moz designers/developers' mindset snipped. I may not be as nice next time, though.]

Speaking of Bah!

Yesterday I did a TeamViewer to my sister's computer to fix a Eudora problem. I had no sooner finished when out the blue, FF ESR 52.9 decided to check out it's add-ons, even though it is set to never update! It then flashed a message that it could not find certificates ( or something like that) and had disabled some add-ons. When I looked, it had disabled every add-on except Tab Mix Plus. Remembering what someone had posted yesterday about setting "xpinstall...." settings in about:config to false (which I had done on my machine earlier), I did the same on hers. When I restarted FF, all her add-ons were back and active.

I'll gladly forsake a little overblown "security" for actully being able to use my computer!!


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