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Re: Strange URL

😉 Good Guy 😉 wrote on 5/4/2019 6:22 PM:
On 05/05/2019 00:51, Jeff Barnett wrote:
<your spouse's life history snipped>

https://walmart.com/ip/a-string of weirdness

My first question:

Does the nugget /ip/ have some standardized meaning and, if so, what? BTW, a few hours latter, the Google search results were repaired.

Absolutely NO.  The "ip" must be some folder and it must contain another folder called "a-string" .  the second folder - "a-string" must contain a index.html, or index.php or index.asp or whatever is the server's default page configuration.  Whenever something like " https://walmart.com/ip/a-string of weirdness" is sent (without any particular page reference) to the web-server, the default page is rendered.  If it can't find the page then 404.html is returned. again this depends on what is in the configuration file.  In your case it is:

[ alt-no ]

Other questions:

If you change some option settings while in a private browser, are they sticky?

I should think so unless the settings is to delete browser and cookies when the browser is closed.  what are these settings you are talking about?  Some are unique for private browsing only.

The settings I am talking about are those in the Tools -> Options dialogue.

Any guesses what was inhibited in private mode that kept the crapware at bay so I could get at things?

I guess always avoid crapware of any kind!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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