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Strange URL

My spouse, this morning, went to Google for Walmart via the search window (upper right hand corner) then clicked on the first entry that came up. That entry looked like a fairly normal paid-for advert. She got a piece of crapware rather than a trip to Walmart. I then tracked down the problem and fixed - I hope - the damage. I went back to the Google search and found the URL resembled

  https://walmart.com/ip/a-string of weirdness

My first question:

Does the nugget /ip/ have some standardized meaning and, if so, what? BTW, a few hours latter, the Google search results were repaired.

The crapware that was pulled in grabbed the browser with making eerie sounds and issuing spooky warning. If you clicked it off, it restarted the activity again. I simply killed FF using ctrl-shift-esc in Windows 7. However when I loaded the browser again, the bad stuff started up. My next try was to load a new private window and nothing bad happened so I took the opportunity to flush the cache then restart normally. Every thing this time and the crapware seems to be gone.

Other questions:

If you change some option settings while in a private browser, are they sticky?

Any guesses what was inhibited in private mode that kept the crapware at bay so I could get at things?

TIA for any useful guesses or info.
Jeff Barnett

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