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Re: People, quit bitching....

On 5/4/19 3:09 PM, EnDeeGee wrote:

... and dump Firefox. You will live longer. :-)

Lost of good and better browsers out there.

Not bitching here. I didn't notice any problem with extensions not working in my Firefox Nightly 68.0a1.

The about:studies fixes were already applied.

Maybe I just didn't notice or use that many that I would notice.

Here is the list.

Name 	Version 	Enabled 	ID

CSS Exfil Protection	1.0.12	true	{7fc8ef53-24ec-4205-87a4-1e745953bb0d}
Dark Reader	4.7.12	true	addon@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Firefox Multi-Account Containers	6.1.0	true	@testpilot-containers
hotfix-update-xpi-intermediate 1.0.2 true hotfix-update-xpi-intermediate@xxxxxxxxxxx
Nightly Tester Tools	4.0	true	{8620c15f-30dc-4dba-a131-7c5d20cf4a29}
NJS	0.9.5	true	{3a1422fb-6d3a-491a-a3b8-5bc7508cdc29}
Privacy Badger	2019.2.19	true	jid1-MnnxcxisBPnSXQ@jetpack
uBlock Origin	1.18.16	true	uBlock0@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


OS: Linux Mint 19.1 - Cinnamon Desktop

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