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Re: Speaking of ignoring user input ...

On 4/23/19 5:46 PM, WaltS48 wrote:
Now-a-days, which all of Firefox's problems, I install both
Firefox and Brave and tell my customer's to use Firefox
first.  If that does not work, try Brave.

A dissenting opinion with a few typos.


Hi Walt,

From the link:

     "Yes, Chromium is open source but who really maintains it?"

I see this kind of logic used all the time on SELinux.  It
was developed by the NSA, so it has to be spying on you.

Well, SELinux is open source and have been POURED over looking
for such and it is clean.  Same with Chromium.

And the same logic can be used on Firefox as well.  "Who
really maintains it?"

A bad argument all the way around.

The more I think about it, the link was just a hit piece.


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