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Re: Speaking of ignoring user input ...

WaltS48 wrote:
> T wrote:
>> I shutter whenever I have to use Chrome.  I do not
>> know why anyone likes it, but they do.  Its
>> whatever floats you boat.
>> For a "Blink" engine browser that is actually
>> responsive to user input and has a YUGE amount
>> of development, try Brave.
>> Now-a-days, which all of Firefox's problems, I install both
>> Firefox and Brave and tell my customer's to use Firefox
>> first.  If that does not work, try Brave.
> A dissenting opinion with a few typos.
> <https://websecurityandprivacy.wordpress.com/2019/04/21/why-you-should-not-ditch-firefox-for-the-brave-browser/>



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