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Re: Speaking of ignoring user input ...

T wrote on 24/04/2019 9:44 AM:
On 4/23/19 6:20 AM, Wayne wrote:
On 4/15/2019 12:02 AM, T wrote:
On 4/14/19 5:11 PM, WaltS48 wrote:
I really don't care what Chrome does.

Wasn't there a big stink about Firefox becoming a Chrome clone.

When Google listens better to users than does an open
source project, you should take notice.  If Chrome
does something better, you should one up them.

I've been in lots of chrome bugs for a long time.  Response rate stinks there as much as anywhere.  If you are seeing timely responses in whatever chrome bugs you are looking at count yourself lucky.

I shutter whenever I have to use Chrome.  I do not
know why anyone likes it, but they do.  Its
whatever floats you boat.


As most of us here would be aware .... back in the day when PC's came with MSIE/OE pre-installed, most users were happy enough ..... so why bother changing to something else??

For a long time now Google Chrome gets installed with a lot of other programs ..... so why bother changing to something else??

And then there are people like us, who are individual enough, and like something different enough and 'intelligent' enough to not just follow the crowd!! ;-)

IMHO, of course

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