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Re: Firefox beta vs release

Wayne wrote:
On 2/16/2019 1:52 PM, The Real Bev wrote:
I was on the beta channel -- most recent I installed was 66b4.  I'm
tired of the nagging, so I want to go back to the release channel.  Made
the appropriate change in prefs.js, but Help/About Firefox still shows
beta channel/66b4.  Will this stop once 66 is released or do I have to go back
and install 65 first?

Asked in m.s.f. too, of course, but it's Saturday and I'm me...

Changing channels is best done via an install, not changing prefs.

One other consideration -- profiles are no longer backward compatible. I don't know what the consequences would be be, but if you have a profile that has been used with 66b, you could have issues with data corruption if you use that profile with a re-install of 65. I believe that most of the issue is around the various SQLite databases.

It might not be a problem to downgrade, but this is always a place where it's useful to make sure you have backups of any data you care about. For most users, my guess is that the thing that you're most likely to care about would be your bookmarks.

I do run betas in a virtual machine, and my experience is that when a release moves from beta to a full release, there's typically a lag of a couple of days before the next beta is release. Thus, if you want to convert without concern about incompatibilities with your profiles, you could go the route of waiting until the day that 66 hits the release channel. Then, uninstall 66b (and don't remove profiles) and install a newly-downloaded copy of 66.


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