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Re: AVG Anti-Virus Free problem

On 4/22/19 12:37 PM, Jim Taylor wrote:
> Brian wrote:
>> On 4/21/19 9:42 PM, Cows are Nice wrote:
>> <...>
>>> I thought that Unix didn't run on the IBM-compatible X86 PC
>>> microcomputer that ordinary citizens could afford, and that was why
>>> Torvalds rewrote it.
>> It was on a different project to the one on which I was working, but
>> my recollection is that we had an 80286 PC running some version of
>> Unix at the software house at which I worked in the mid-1980s. When I
>> said I investigated SCO Unix, it was definitely on an 80286-based
>> machine, I have no knowledge of anything Unix-ish which worked on a PC
>> XT.
>> Brian
> https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Interactive_Systems_Corporation#PC/IX
> "Although observers in the early 1980s expected that IBM would choose
> Microsoft Xenix or a version from AT&T Corporation as the Unix for its
> microcomputer,[9] PC/IX was the first Unix implementation for the IBM
> PC XT available directly from IBM.[10]"

Live and learn. That mid-80s software house was my first exposure to a
IBM (clone). If I ever used a PC XT, it's receded into the mists of time.


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