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Re: AVG Anti-Virus Free problem

On 04/21/2019 03:17 PM, Brian wrote:
On 4/20/19 3:14 PM, 😉 Good Guy 😉 wrote:
On 20/04/2019 17:59, WaltS48 wrote:

But just in case they are.


Installed on both my Ubuntu and Mint versions of Linux which are
both better than the Microsoft junk on my laptop. ;)

That might be the case but the OP is using Windows and he asked
about something called "AVG Anti-Virus Free".  There is no point in
telling him what other people are using because he can surely use
common sense


So you really think that Microsoft is Junk?  Why is there products
so widely used by people in this world?  As I understand it, Linux
(or its variant) was around well before Microsoft started yet it
over took Linux in all departments.  do you know why?  People keep
telling us that they are stuck in using Windows because they have
already invested in software and training so they can't change.  If
this is true then why did this NOT happen with Linux when there was
nothing to compete against them?  Surely Microsoft did something
right to win all those users.

Linus Torvalds posted the original Usenet message which started the
Linux project in either 1992 or 1993, AFAIR, more than a decade
after Microsoft bought the code that became MS-DOS 1.0. I suspect
you're confusing Linux and Unix. Unix has been around longer than
Microsoft, but in those days at least, it was emphatically NOT a free
package. Shortly after leaving university (early 1980s) I
investigated getting a copy of Unix on a PC, and was quoted around
500 pounds sterling for a single user copy of SCO Unix. Yes, I got a
copy of MS-DOS on my PC, same as everyone else buying an IBM PC (or a
clone) around that time.

If Linux had been available for free in those days, things may
indeed have worked out very differently. What Microsoft proved beyond
all doubt is that their pricing strategy and marketing techniques
were infinitely superior to that of the Unix vendors.

I thought that Unix didn't run on the IBM-compatible X86 PC
microcomputer that ordinary citizens could afford, and that was why
Torvalds rewrote it.

Anyhow, Good Guy likely has Minix always running, always on, in the
secret computer-inside-a-computer Intel Management Engine inside his
junk machine, and doesn't know it.

And furtherhow, Good Guy is the one who brought Linux into this thread
(which he conveniently snipped from the quoted material as he began
whining about it.)
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