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Re: AVG Anti-Virus Free problem

On 4/20/19 5:16 PM, 🐴 Mr. Ed 🐴 wrote:
On 04/20/19 4:19 PM, WaltS48 wrote:
On 4/20/19 3:14 PM, 😉 Good Guy 😉 wrote:
On 20/04/2019 17:59, WaltS48 wrote:

But just in case they are.


Installed on both my Ubuntu and Mint versions of Linux which are both better than the Microsoft junk on my laptop. ;)

That might be the case but the OP is using Windows and he asked about something called "AVG Anti-Virus Free".  There is no point in telling him what other people
are using because he can surely use common sense to work that out unless Luis knows that the OP is demented and needs some guidance like an old person suffering
from dementia.  I don't make assumptions about people although the only assumption I make is that the poster has some common sense which may not be common with all
the people on this planet!!!

So you really think that Microsoft is Junk?  Why is there products so widely used by people in this world?  As I understand it, Linux (or its variant) was around
well before Microsoft started yet it over took Linux in all departments.  do you know why?  People keep telling us that they are stuck in using Windows because
they have already invested in software and training so they can't change.  If this is true then why did this NOT happen with Linux when there was nothing to
compete against them?  Surely Microsoft did something right to win all those users.

Which came first the computer or the operating system.

I'm not a computer historian. Linux powered servers, probably until after the first PC came out. Then somebody had the idea to make free desktop versions.

I guess when the computer manufacturers decided to mass market personal computers they went with Microsoft because like Microsoft, they were out to take the public
for all they could get and MS had a desktop operating system..

Then the public saw that they could get a computer for home and all they could get at CompUSA was one with the Microsoft operating system.

I never really saw the need for one until I had to start using one at work.

When I go into Best Buy I still don't see any PC's with Ubuntu or Mint or any Linux distribution. Any marketing on TV, radio, other.

There is the Microsoft section and the Apple section and a few Chromebooks.

Don't forget Unix and Znix

I haven't, but I don't find sections devoted to computers with those operating systems in Best Buy or other remaining stores either.

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