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Re: Ping Walt: that stupid little blue down arrow

On 4/19/19 6:12 AM, Tanstaafl wrote:
On Thu Apr 18 2019 16:27:08 GMT-0400 (Eastern Standard Time), T
<ToddMargoChester@invalid.invalid> wrote:
Whining is fun!

For children, yes, I know, I have three babies that prove that every day.

Low skill users have no idea how to user add ons.  When I
install Firefox for them, the only add on I use is uBlock

The 'low skill users' don't have to know 'how to use' a lot of Addons,
and if you are installing FF for them, you could just install the Addon
to eliminate this problem of yours.

Or, you could just tell them to press and hold the CTRL key then tap the
'J' key.

I has to flash at them.

Or you could tell them to press the 'F10' key, the click the Tools menu,
then click 'Downloads'.

I have all kinds of tricks.  f6 is one of them.

A frequent complain I get from low skill uses is that they
installed something from the web 20 times and it still does not
work.  When I look at their download directory, I see
So you get the picture.

Sure, this is why I set the Downloads location to the Desktop, so
Downloads aren't hidden.

And in two months time, they overrun their desktop.  I give
them a "Downloads" folder on their desktop, along with other
folders.  But is does me no good until after I get logged in.

I do appreciate the links, but they are for me (a high skill
use), not for a low skill user.

But if you are installing FF for them and assisting them all the time,
then you could install it and be done with it.

I find it best to stay away from fancy adnon, except fom
me.  I have a ton of them.

Ehat happends is when the upgrade prompt hit for the addon,
they think VIRUS.  So I try to keep it to uBlock Orgin.

Are you starting to see the picture I am painting yet?

Yes... you are a whiny child.

You should try it.  It is cathardic.

Calling someone a whiner is also meant as an insult when you
don't like what the other person is saying.  Means you lost
the argument.  Sort of like calling someone a racist or
a Fascist.
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