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Re: User = Enemy ???

On 4/17/19 7:14 PM, WaltS48 wrote:
On 4/17/19 4:46 PM, T wrote:
Gee Wiz???? Why is that you think "Blink" engine browsers have
double Firefox's install base.  Do you suppose it has anything
do do with disrespecing their user base?????  Naw,  couldn't be.

Could it be because of the heavy marketing campaign done by Google? A company that has the bucks to advertise the browser and disrespected Mozilla all the time they were working together before Chrome existed.


I don't ever recall seeing an ad for Firefox anywhere.

I do see "Install Firefox" button on web sites every so often.
But Firefox NEVER slams you into anything.

Google is unethical for sure.  Could be the reason,
but I doubt it.

My no/non-skill users often have Chrome "slammed" on their
machines (along with that piece of crap from McAfee).  They
don't even know what it is and never heard of it.  So
Google's unethical business practices are not really
getting them anywhere.

In the word of Ray Barone: "Sometimes it pay to be an idiot."

I typically will remove Chrome if the users does not know what
it is.  I often now will install Brave along side Firefox.
I tell the user is Firefox does not work, try Brave.

I also tell my customers that I really don't care what browser
they user as long as they stay off the ones from M$.

And the browser most of my custfomer use, in their own words
is "Google".


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