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Re: Ping Walt: that stupid little blue down arrow

On 4/15/19 4:50 PM, Ray_Net wrote:
T wrote on 15-04-19 23:17:
On 4/15/19 2:06 PM, WaltS48 wrote:
On 4/14/19 11:58 PM, T wrote:
Hi Walt,

I use Go To Assist a lot.  It is miserable to get computer
illiterate (99% of my customers or I would not have
a job) users to log into Go To Assist because of that
little stupid blue down arrow.  DRIVES ME INSANE!

I have spoken to Go To Assist several times about this.  Their
solution is to have users switch to Chrome.  And yes, I have
had ZERO issues getting illiterate customer to log in with Chrome.

Question for you.  Would it be a waste of my time to write up
and RFE to the developers?  They don't seem to give a damn
what users think anymore.

Many thanks,

Go To Assist aka RescueAssist?

They bought each other recently.  Now the same folks.

Are you talking about a little stupid blue arrow in that program or Firefox?

The one in Firefox.  NO ONE can find it when I tell them
to go look for it.

Now to me, it is a sweet feature.  But to non-techies, it
is an abomination.  And it drives me INSANE.  It has taken
me up to 25 minutes to get customers logged in when using

But on Chrome/Brave, they have ZERO trouble. Chrome's/Brave's
method is ugly and clunky, BUT NO ONE HAS ANY TROUBLE USING IT.
And they using click on the download before I even ask
them to !!!

This is Firefox NOT listening to their users again.
I'm not familiar with the program and probably wouldn't waste my time on a RFE to developers of either application.

Spitting in a fan

When I go to: https://up.gotoassist.com

It is changed to:

AND I did not see any "blue down arrow" ....

You won't until you enter the 9 digit key (provided by me)
and press continue.

After the download, I tell them to look for the "little
blue down arrow to the right of your address bar".

They never can find it.  It would help if they knew what an
address bar was, but ...  (Tip: toggle f6 and see what flashes]
at you.)

I have better luck with telling them to press <ctrl><shift><Y>.
If that does not work, then its Windows Explorer and off
to the download directory in the left column

If that does not work, I ask them if they have Chrome installed.
I have to describe the icon most of the time.  They have
ZERO issues with "Blink" based browsers.

Oh ya, when I ask them what browser they are using, they don't
know what a browser is.  When I ask them how they get on the
Internet, they say "with my Google".  So I describe the Chrome
icon circle.  Cool if they have Brave installed, but that would
be by me as is Firefox.

Takes my breath away at times.  But I have to remember that
if they knew what they were doing, they would not need me.
Plus I adore my customers.  They are a blessing.

I have had a few instances for a five minute fix where I had
to make a house call because of the stupid little blue down
arrow.  Very frustrating as I don't charge unless it goes
over 12 minutes or for travel time.

I personally, think the blue down arrow is cute, but I am
an advanced user, unlike the 99% installed base of Firefox.

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