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Re: Only spam ?

EnDeeGee wrote on 15/04/2019 9:57 PM:
On 15-Apr.-2019 01:14, Daniel wrote:
😉 Good Guy 😉 wrote on 15/04/2019 1:45 AM:
On 14/04/2019 16:02, Smiles wrote:
spammer no but how do you delet the avg sig

The OP can go to the AVG settings or if he is minded he could Google for it how to disable it.  Most AVG spammers don't bother because they get a kick out of teasing people (or they smile privately like you) on Windows newsgroups!!.   they seem to be enjoying it.  I rarely read the entire post of anybody on these newsgroups so I hardly notice that spam.

I don't use that crap so I can't help here.

Are you the OP of that spam?  Just wondering!!

but, Smiles, don't pay too much attention to 'Good Guy' 'cause he, obviously, is unable to disable *HIS* spamming Sig File!!

There's an app for that. :-)

The add-on "Quote Colors"  has an option not to display signatures.

Who needs an option?? My SeaMonkey does it natively!! ;-P

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