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Re: Ping Walt: that stupid little blue down arrow

T wrote on 15-04-19 23:17:
On 4/15/19 2:06 PM, WaltS48 wrote:
On 4/14/19 11:58 PM, T wrote:
Hi Walt,

I use Go To Assist a lot.  It is miserable to get computer
illiterate (99% of my customers or I would not have
a job) users to log into Go To Assist because of that
little stupid blue down arrow.  DRIVES ME INSANE!

I have spoken to Go To Assist several times about this.  Their
solution is to have users switch to Chrome.  And yes, I have
had ZERO issues getting illiterate customer to log in with Chrome.

Question for you.  Would it be a waste of my time to write up
and RFE to the developers?  They don't seem to give a damn
what users think anymore.

Many thanks,

Go To Assist aka RescueAssist?

They bought each other recently.  Now the same folks.

Are you talking about a little stupid blue arrow in that program or Firefox?

The one in Firefox.  NO ONE can find it when I tell them
to go look for it.

Now to me, it is a sweet feature.  But to non-techies, it
is an abomination.  And it drives me INSANE.  It has taken
me up to 25 minutes to get customers logged in when using

But on Chrome/Brave, they have ZERO trouble. Chrome's/Brave's
method is ugly and clunky, BUT NO ONE HAS ANY TROUBLE USING IT.
And they using click on the download before I even ask
them to !!!

This is Firefox NOT listening to their users again.

I'm not familiar with the program and probably wouldn't waste my time on a RFE to developers of either application.

Spitting in a fan

When I go to: https://up.gotoassist.com

It is changed to:

AND I did not see any "blue down arrow" ....
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