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Re: User = Enemy ???

On 4/15/19 4:42 PM, T wrote:
On 4/15/19 7:44 AM, Tanstaafl wrote:
On 4/13/2019, 7:08:50 PM, T <ToddMargoChester@invalid.invalid> wrote:
I have not seen them taking user input for some time now.
No tabs on he bottom with rounded edges, the one I reported,
things like that.

If memory serves there is a simple userChrome.css hack that can achieve

Given that, and there seems to be not much demand for it, why are you

In software, if you don't keep up on the small things, the large
get way out of control, as we are starting to see.

Just hack it and stop complaining...

I don't know what the hack is and Brave works fine, so I use
Brave when I want to see progress.

And it was meant as an example of the developers not fixing
the small things and ignoring customers.

And in this instance, the color code is TWO BYTES LONG.
All they need to do is look up another color or just
guess at it.

And it does not help Firefox that I have had to move to Brave
to purchase things on line as so may sites don't work with
Firefox: missing buttons, order that go half way though, etc.

Sounds like you have some problems with your profile.

Other profiles, safe mode, does not matter.

Do you honestly think that if everyone was experiencing those kind of
serious problems that the developers wouldn't work on fixing it?

Yes, exactly.  They don't care.   And I provided examples.

And if you report this to Firefox, you are wasting you time.

Maybe because they cannot reproduce your problem?

Again, they are reproducible.  They just don't care.
I provided examples.

The download progress meter in the Download arrow, door hanger and Library get the color from the system theme.

On my Windows 10 it is blue in Firefox, green in Firefox on Linux Mint 19, orange in Firefox on Ubuntu unless I change the operating systems theme.

The only place it is hard to differentiate is when using the Library where the bar is surrounded by the same color.

My Firefox icon on the task bar also fills in on Linux Mint 19 and Windows 10, but not Ubuntu.

I don't know if anything changes if the user uses a theme from


I know it does when I change my Windows or Linux desktop themes.

Try a new download manager?


OS: Linux Mint 19.1 - Cinnamon Desktop

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