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Re: Only spam ?

On 15-Apr.-2019 15:09, EnDeeGee wrote:
On 15-Apr.-2019 14:07, Grant Taylor wrote:
On 4/15/19 9:27 AM, EnDeeGee wrote:
Well, I have Quote Color 0.3 installed on TB 60.6.1 (64bit) and it's working.


I checked Add-Ons before posting.  It's not listed as compatible.  Did you have to get it outside of the built in Add-Ons manager?

I quite miss Quote Colors.  (Upgrades disabled it for incompatibility.)

Used IE to downloaded from: http://quotecolors.mozdev.org/download.html

Then modified the install.rdf max version to 99.0 and used the "install from file" option to install.

Hope it works for you to.

Forgot to mention you need to use a browser that's not Mozilla Firefox compatible like Palemoon or Basilsisk because it will try to install. Use IE or Chrome or other non Firefox compatible browser.
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