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Re: User = Enemy ???

On 4/13/2019, 7:08:50 PM, T <ToddMargoChester@invalid.invalid> wrote:
> I have not seen them taking user input for some time now.
> No tabs on he bottom with rounded edges, the one I reported,
> things like that.

If memory serves there is a simple userChrome.css hack that can achieve

Given that, and there seems to be not much demand for it, why are you

Just hack it and stop complaining...

> And it does not help Firefox that I have had to move to Brave
> to purchase things on line as so may sites don't work with
> Firefox: missing buttons, order that go half way though, etc.

Sounds like you have some problems with your profile.

Do you honestly think that if everyone was experiencing those kind of
serious problems that the developers wouldn't work on fixing it?

> And if you report this to Firefox, you are wasting you time.

Maybe because they cannot reproduce your problem?
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