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Re: User = Enemy ???

On 4/14/19 10:28 PM, Daniel wrote:
T wrote on 14/04/2019 9:23 AM:
On 4/13/19 4:22 AM, Don Spam's Reckless Son wrote:
T wrote:
Hi All,

It seem to you that Mozilla is not longer taking suggestions
from its users.

I ask this because I reported

RFE: make the progress bar a different color than the background color

11 months ago and it is still an issue.  And it was a simple,
reasonable request.  I have seen other request (mine and others)
that go ignored.

Is it just me or has Mozilla gone the way of Open Office where
they ignored all customer requests and bugs?  User = enemy?


Open Office stopped updating altogether so expecting them to make an exception for whatever your problem was is being extremely optimistic. *Demanding* changes is also being optimistic, your special request was assigned a low priority.  At least it was not rejected out of hand.

Uhhhh.  I was talking about when OO was in full swing.  They
ignored all the bugs I and others posted to them.  When LibreOffice
started, they asked us for all our ignored bugs and fix them all
post haste.  LO was my hero.

OpenOffice is a tragic example of what happens to software when
you don't keep up with the little bugs.

But, now LO seems to ignore things too.

Deleting columns in a table can delete several columns if any cells in that column are merged with other cells

And LO can't print an envelope for s***.

Firefox "seems" is ignoring the little bugs now too.  I can't
order from some webs sites.  Buttons are missing.
And on and on and so forth.  I think we are watching
Firefox start to die.

By-the-by, some time ago, I was unable to order stuff from Amazon.ca 'cause it got its "proceed to cash-register' (or however the button was labelled) 'cause Amazon.ca used the Amazon.com (i.e. U.S.) Cash register button, and I had my prefs set to not display content from other sites.

In SeaMonkey, that adjustment is at Edit->Preferences->Privacy & Security->Images ... which I know have set to 'Load all images'. As you are posting with Thunderbird and seem to be using Firefox as your browser, I'm not sure where that pref is, maybe under 'Options'.

Hi Daniel,

I now load both Brave and Firefox on my customer's computers.  I
tell them if Firefox does not work, try Brave.  Got them going
and coming.

Firefox does not work on Swansom.com's check out, so I switched
to Brave.  I told Swanson about it and they are baffled.

I think Firefox is dying.  I hate to see it happening.



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