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Re: User = Enemy ???

On 4/14/19 7:20 PM, T wrote:
On 4/14/19 3:47 PM, WaltS48 wrote:
On a side note. I tried helping a user with their several Lightning calendar enhancement bug reports earlier today. They didn't want to cooperate and provide the information I asked for to try and help the developers determine if they were bugs. Told me he didn't have the time to respond.

A foolish decision on his part.

The reporter could make the changes they were requesting using the provided tools. I marked them INVALID.

I wish you guys would come up with a better status than INVALID.
In the instance you described, you could not determine that it
was invalid but you marked it that way anyway.  It is insulting.

You should come up with "unable to duplicate" or "insufficient
information" or some such.


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