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Speaking of ignoring user input ...

Hi All,

Another one of mine that got ignored:

"Server not found" error message should check network offline state and have a more generic "you're not connected to the internet" message if there is no network


Guess the developers don't have to field all these phone calls!


From my bug report:



RFE: Please replace "server not found" with a more accurate error message.

Dear Mozilla,

I am a consultant. I have plastered Firefox around two counties at customer sites.

Problem: when they are not connected to the Internet (we have frequent outages), the message they get from Firefox is "server not found". Then they call me angry with Firefox. I have to explain to them that it is probably their ISP if they can not connect to anything else. I take *a lot* of heat over this issue.

On the other hand, Midori say "you are not connected to the Internet".

Would you please adopt Midori's method? If the Internet is down, state such. If a particular web site is down, the "server not found" then becomes appropriate. Since Midori is open source too, it shouldn't be too hard to figure out.



Do you really think the average user actually reads or even comes close to understanding the above? I can tell you from years of personal experience championing Firefox at my customers' sites that the exact number that does read and understand this is Z-E-R-O.

Please implement this as a kindness to me so I don't have to keep taking crap over it!



Today's early morning trouble call on my answering machine was "I can't get into my computer. It says 'Server not found'" (Yes, I called and explained.)

I get this kind of stuff over and over and over. Mirodi's method of just telling you you are not on the Internet would go so very far in correcting the misunderstanding your error message causes.

Also, in the instance where the server is actually the problem, please consider calling the server by name, for example, "mozilla.org not found". This would also remove misunderstandings.

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