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Re: User = Enemy ???

T wrote on 15-04-19 00:12:
On 04/13/2019 11:34 PM, Ray_Net wrote:
T wrote on 14-04-19 01:23:

Firefox "seems" is ignoring the little bugs now too.  I can't
order from some webs sites.  Buttons are missing.
And on and on and so forth.  I think we are watching
Firefox start to die.

Don't expect more on FREE software ...

Actually, I deal with both paid and free software.  I
find Open  Source is "typically" more responsive to
user input than paid software and as such is
"typically" of higher quality.  There are notable

"Open source" ? Better ? I doubt when I know one with lot of bugs older than 8 YEARS and never solved ... I was responsible of taking care about customers for paid software ... bugs a treated AT HIGHER PRIORITY ... In such a way, that if possible we found a detour BUT the solution came rapidly evenwhile the detour is working.
Some free software bug are considered as SOLVED when a detour is found.
Therefore I doubt that "Open source" is at higher quality.

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