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Re: User = Enemy ???

On 4/13/19 8:13 AM, Luis wrote:
T wrote:
On 4/12/19 11:41 PM, Dave Royal wrote:
WaltS48 <schw01@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> Wrote in message:
On 4/12/19 8:06 PM, T wrote:
11 months ago and it is still an issue.  And it was a simple,
reasonable request.  I have seen other request (mine and others)
that go ignored.

Is it just me or has Mozilla gone the way of Open Office where
they ignored all customer requests and bugs?  User = enemy?


It is a Priority 3 bug.


T: the fact that it (might be - probably is) simple doesn't make
  it important. And even a simple change requires some effort by
  lots of people, on review, release, etc.

The only way this is going to get done is if it's given to a new
  contributor, e.g. marked as a good 'first  bug'. So you could
  investigate how that might be done. I don't know; perhaps
  suggesting it - politely - on the thread and providing some
  evidence that it's simple - e.g. similar bugs fixed with a
  one-line patch.

But sounding off here will not achieve it. In the unlikely event
  that anyone who could help is reading this forum, they won't have
  got past the thread title.

Software is like "Broken Glass" with crime fighting.  You
go after the little crimes and or the big ones
get out of hand.  Same with software.  If you ignore the little
problems, eventually, you get a house of cards.

Now as far as a simple change, it is a matter changing the
color code.  It is really, really simple.  But if you ignore it
and keep ignoring the little bugs, eventually you wind up
with such a mess that the big bugs become overwhelming.

If this was the only ignored little bug, it would be different,
but I am sensing a pattern.

userChrome.css perhaps?

exactly.   I have these lines in my css and it's red for me.

.progress-bar {
      -moz-appearance: none ! important;
      background-color: #FF0000 !important;

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