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[edit as new and support-news-group] Re: I think that I need to install thunderbird on my pc

David E. Ross wrote on 28-03-19 03:05:
On 3/26/2019 11:14 PM, Ray_Net wrote:
I think that I need to install thunderbird on my pc
Because I have not seen where I can have TWO differents signatures when
using SeaMonkey.
A "Private" signature in plain-text and a "Professionnal" signature in
HTML format.

The question is: Where can I download Thunderbird ? The Stable,
Supported from the Official site ...because I have seen with a Google
research that it exist more than one download site.

Have you considered the Signature Switch extension?  It allows you to
designate a specific signature as a default, but also gives you a
toolbar button to switch to alternative signatures.

However, I am not sure if there is a version that works with the latest
version of Thunderbird.

That's a part of my decision tu use Thunderbird without any add-on.

I have now two questions when I readed this text:
While Thunderbird is now an independent project separate from Mozilla,
Question 1: Where can I find a newsgroup server to be able to subscribe per example to server.support.thunderbird. ? Question 2: Is it possible to select a mail from the input, the sent or another folder and then do: "EDIT AS NEW" ?
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