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Re: I think that I need to install thunderbird on my pc

Big Al wrote on 27-03-19 19:46:
On 3/27/19 12:58 PM, Ray_Net wrote:
😉 Good Guy 😉 wrote on 27-03-19 14:21:
On 27/03/2019 12:18, Big Al wrote:

I'm not sure why google didn't give you a valid link.

Because he didn't try.  He's got suckers like you spoon feeding everything when you should teach them to be "independent" or "self sufficient".

Saying that, you are not a "good guy" ......

YES I  tried and this is the first link I got:
and the second was:


Just take Good Guy with a grain of salt, he has a tendency to be on the sarcastic/nasty side.  Not quite as tolerant as others.
Thank you ... The best thing I will do is creating a filter to redirect their posts to junk.
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