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Re: Links in TB email won't open in Firefox.

On 3/25/19 3:50 PM, The Real Bev wrote:
This problem just hit me a few days ago.  Survived a number of hard
reboots. I posted into the TB group with no results.

TB38/slackware in both regular and safe mode.  Neither firefox 65
release/slackware in both regular and safe mode nor the latest
66beta/slackware work.  Just tried FF52ESR, same result.  It's GOT to be
something affecting TB.

For testing purposes -- If I download and install the latest version of
TB into a separate subdirectory with a new profile and start it from
within that subdirectory, is there ANY chance that my 6GB current
profile containing all my email back to 1994 will be affected in any
way?  I do complete system backups so I can restore my entire profile
easily, but I worry anyway.

Clicking on a link in TB does nothing.  Right-clicking 'open link in
browser' does nothing.  Opening a blank tab in FF and then copy+pasting
the URL DOES work.

I've NEVER had firefox set as my default browser, but I did that.  No

This line in my .bashrc previously pointed to Netscape 475 (yeah, that
line has been there forever), so I changed it to this and rebooted.


No change.

I copied over the mimeapps.list file from the one from December.  No change.

I'm flailing here.  I've had to do this with Facebook and some other
videos (copying URL into chrome)  for at least a year, which was
sufficiently maddening, but to have to do it with every link in email is
worse -- much worse.

Does ya have Thunderbird set as your default email client in Thunderbird and your operating systems preferred applications or whatever term they use? Is Firefox set the same in both places?

OS: Linux Mint 19.1 - Cinnamon Desktop

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