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Re: Microsoft’s new Chromium-powered Edge browser

Disaster Master wrote:
On Mon Mar 25 2019 08:36:36 GMT-0400 (Eastern Standard Time), Luis via
general <general@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
No Walt, the beta version is faulty too. Besides, I don't think they are
so stupid to have a good beta version and a faulty "The new Firefox" as
I have tested several web sites using Opera, Chrome, Vivaldi, Yandex,
Epic and Edge and all of them work just fine.
By the way this is not the first time a situation like this occurs with
FF. Seems to be a chronic brain condition the FF developers staff suffer.

Actually, in basically every case, problems like yours turn out to be
either a hardware compatibility issue (ie, crappy graphics driver and
you are trying to run with hardware acceleration), or a broken profile
and you keep breaking it with the same manual changes after creating a
clean/new profile, or just someone who likes to hate on Firefox because
of the loss of XUL/XPCOM Addons.

The reality is, Firefox works fine for the vast majority, with nowhere
even remotely close to the problems you are describing.

My first computer was an H8 and during those days I wrote articles and programs in the Remark Magazine. But anyway thanks for your suggestions.
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