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Re: Sin Pijama - Natti Natasha & Becky G

On 09/03/2019 20:31, Brian wrote:
I probably still have the
reinstall disks somewhere. One copy down, a few hundred  million still
to account for. :)

What reinstall disks? there are no Windows 10 disks with new machines. Not even DELL or HP will give you reinstall disks. Microsoft controls everything what an OEM can do and can't do.

Windows 10 can only be installed on a machine with latest BIOS/UEFI by the OEM and they are not allowed to give out serial numbers. The UEFI has got everything a system needs to activate or reactivate automatically without the disks.

With over 950 million devices now running Windows 10, customer satisfaction is higher than any previous version of windows.
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