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Re: Sin Pijama - Natti Natasha & Becky G

On 3/9/19 2:37 PM, Big Al wrote:
> On 3/8/19 5:10 PM, Don Spam's Reckless Son wrote:
>> WaltS48 wrote:
>>> On 3/7/19 10:22 PM, 😉 Good Guy 😉 wrote:
>>>> <https://music.youtube.com/watch?v=zEf423kYfqk&list=RDAMVMzEf423kYfqk>
>>>> -- 
>>>> With over 950 million devices now running Windows 10, customer
>>>> satisfaction is higher than any previous version of windows.
>>> 950?
>>> Microsoft says only over 800 million.
>>> <https://news.microsoft.com/bythenumbers/en/windowsdevices>
>> We all know that every second version of Windows is relatively good.
>> XP was ok, Vista a disaster, Win 7 was ok and Win 8 a mess.
>> When I heard that the next version was going to be Win 10, my first
>> thought was that they were skipping the next "good version".  It
>> turned out that some programmers had been testing for the string
>> "Windows 9" when detecting Win 95 / Win 98 and they had to avoid
>> that trap.
>> Now stating the obvious.  Win 10 is the "current" windows and has
>> been for some time.  Of course its usage figures are going to keep
>> increasing, that does not mean people actually like it (or that they
>> do not).
> And how many people own Windows 10, dual boot and use Linux instead.
> Does that count if they only fire it up once every 3 months or so?

How many people get a box which comes with Windows whether they like
it or not? We got my wife an eMachines PC from Wal-Mart. It's done
well for her, it owes us nothing, but it came with a copy of Windows
pre-installed. As soon as I got it home, I generated the reinstall
DVDs in case we needed to return it while under warranty, and then
wiped the drive and installed Debian. I probably still have the
reinstall disks somewhere. One copy down, a few hundred  million still
to account for. :)


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