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Re: Disable auto update

On 26/02/2019 14:51, cecerej@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
I have Firefox 64.0.2 installed, and the first time it popped up to prompt me to update, I went into the settings and discovered that the "Never update" selection was gone. I've Googled how to completely disable the auto update mechanism with limited success. I've been able to get the "door hanger" to go away in about:config, but now it just pops up a window instead.
Assuming I'm a grownup and can handle the responsibilities of updating Firefox at *my* leisure and not the spp's, how do I completely disable the auto-update feature in Firefox 64? I don't want it updating, nor do I want to answer a window asking me to update three times a day, so I don't want it even checking for updates.
I'm seriously considering just nuking Firefox from my machine and using Chrome exclusively over this.

If you are on a Windows system then make sure you are using it as a a standard user and not an Administrator or a user with administrator privileges. this ensures that FF or TB doesn't update itself without your permission.

We have seen many people coming to these forums crying about FF and TB updating itself without their knowledge. when you ask them how are they using their machine their answer is they don't know!!! so now this is your chance to find out what is the difference between a standard/local user and Administrator user.


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