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Re: Disable auto update

WaltS48 wrote:
> cecerej wrote:
>> I have Firefox 64.0.2 installed, and the first time it popped up to prompt
>> me to update, I went into the settings and discovered that the "Never update"
>> selection was gone. I've Googled how to completely disable the auto update
>> mechanism with limited success. I've been able to get the "door hanger" to
>> go away in about:config, but now it just pops up a window instead.
>> Assuming I'm a grownup and can handle the responsibilities of updating Firefox
>> at *my* leisure and not the spp's, how do I completely disable the auto-update
>> feature in Firefox 64? I don't want it updating, nor do I want to answer a
>> window asking me to update three times a day, so I don't want it even checking
>> for updates.
>> I'm seriously considering just nuking Firefox from my machine and using Chrome
>> exclusively over this.
> You could search the Firefox newsgroup archive, SUMO, and mozillaZine to 
> see if that has already been answered.

So-called "googling" immediately yields a relevant answer without having
to search through all sorts of forums individually:
Yet another reason to stay with PaleMoon.


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