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Re: You could also do something like this:

Disaster Master wrote:
On 2/8/2019, 2:49:22 PM, Ray_Net <TBRRaymond.SchmitTBR@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Disaster Master wrote on 07-02-19 16:38:
On 2/6/2019, 2:59:44 PM, Ray_Net <TBRRaymond.SchmitTBR@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Disaster Master wrote on 06-02-19 16:17:
I see fine, thanks. You, however, seem to have serious
reading/comprehension issues.
That's possible, because english is not my mother language.
Well that would explain some of it, but maybe you should be a little
less aggressive/presumptive when engaging on an english speaking list.
Sorry for that, I was convinced that you had not managed to see striked

No worries, it's all good.


Gerard-Jan Rudersdorff-Vinkesteijn

https://facebook.com/gerardjan.vinkesteijn (east side of the hotel)
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