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Re: Did Mozilla finally kill this group?

On 1/18/2019 8:19 AM On a whim, jetjock pounded out on the keyboard

Daniel wrote:
jetjock wrote on 18/01/2019 2:53 AM:

jetjock wrote:

Haven't seen a post here since Frank Sinatra on the 8th. Did Mozilla
finally shut it down?

Well, I guess I livened it up a little anyway!  :-)

Yeah!! ;-P

I really miss the "good ol' days" when folks used to get excited about
stuff! When "JoeS", "The Purple Hippo", "Jay Garcia" and others I can't
remember, used to see who could develop the neatest scripts to animate
things and argue about "top posting" vs "bottom posting" etc.. But I
guess as Thomas Wolfe said, "You Can't Go Home Again"!  :-(

You're referring to the secnews server, when moderators didn't kill posts on whims, so we could carry on conversations without worry of being "on topic".

The scripting we used to do for Thunderbird was fun, but Mozilla destroyed that also for the most part.
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