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Re: puzzling junk mail

On 2/7/2019 9:36 PM, Daniel wrote:
> Grant Taylor wrote on 8/02/2019 10:45 AM:
>> On 2/6/19 10:47 PM, Daniel wrote:
>>> But I still get the occasional SPAM e-mail from me!! ;-P
>> If you get spam with your email address (not the human friendly name) in 
>> the from, or especially the SMTP envelope FROM:, then your email 
>> provider is almost certainly not doing their job correctly.
> Why?? Why should my ISP allow me to send e-mails to myself from my own 
> e-mail account??

I do occasionally send myself E-mail from my own account.

As you pointed out in an earlier message in this thread, newsletters
sent to Bcc addresses are sometimes bounced by the recipient's mail
server if there is no To addres.  Thus, I send my annual newsletter to
family and friends -- Bcc addresses -- with my own address on the To line.

Also, I sometimes need to send a test message to myself, either testing
Thunderbird or else my ISP's mail hosting.

David E. Ross

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to cut off disaster funds to repair the damage caused by the
Woolsey Fire in southern California because he claims the state
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a forest fire.  Starting in an industrial tract, it did not burn
through any forests.

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