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Re: You could also do something like this:

On 2/5/2019, 6:10:32 PM, Ray_Net <TBRRaymond.SchmitTBR@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Disaster Master wrote on 05-02-19 18:39:
>> There is no choice about receiving in any format, you receive what was
>> sent,

> This is not true:

Sorry, you are wrong. If you disagree, please, by all means, instruct me
as to how to configure Thunderbird to 'receive' all emails as plain text.

I'm not talking about an option to change how it is presented, I'm
talking about how to change the received format itself.

As I said, it can be done server side, but not in Thunderbird (that I'm
aware of).

> Is sent ONLY IN HTML ...

So it is received in HTML.

> But you read/transform it in plain text

No, I have my View setting to 'Original HTML', so I see it in the
original HTML.

> then you reply the plain-text you have on your screen.

If/when I reply to an HTML formatted email, my reply is in plain text
(unless I deliberately choose HTML format) because my client is capable
of converting the HTML to plain text, but it does this only for the
Reply, the original email is unaltered.

> Other people can see my html version.

And so can I.

> I have posted also another HTML only with fancy thing at 05-02-19 
> 17:51
> Would you that I take a screen-copy-image to show you what you 
> should be able to see ?
I see fine, thanks. You, however, seem to have serious
reading/comprehension issues.
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