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Re: puzzling junk mail

On 2/5/19 6:44 PM, David E. Ross wrote:
> On 2/5/2019 12:13 PM, Brian wrote:
>> I'm baffled by the increasing amounts of e-mails I'm receiving which
>> are requests for a quotation on computer equipment, sent to my 'real'
>> address, not this one which I use for mailing lists. I've never traded
>> in computer hardware, and my address is even a .org domain, as you can
>> see.
>> Can anybody explain to me what the junk mail is trying to achieve? Is
>> it just some sort of check to see whether my address bounces? WHY?
>> The latest example is appended to this message.
>> Thanks,
>> Brian.
> 	[quoted spam snipped]
> I have a procedure for dealing with spam that is at least partially
> successful.  In case a spammer reads this newsgroup, however, I do not
> want to make it public.  If you want my procedure, reply in this
> newsgroup thread.  I will then send you an E-mail to
> <b_lists@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>.

Now you've got me curious! :) OK, David, I'll bite. To make certain
you evade the automated filters, substitute my name for b_lists.



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