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Re: puzzling junk mail

On 2/5/2019 12:13 PM, Brian wrote:
> I'm baffled by the increasing amounts of e-mails I'm receiving which
> are requests for a quotation on computer equipment, sent to my 'real'
> address, not this one which I use for mailing lists. I've never traded
> in computer hardware, and my address is even a .org domain, as you can
> see.
> Can anybody explain to me what the junk mail is trying to achieve? Is
> it just some sort of check to see whether my address bounces? WHY?
> The latest example is appended to this message.
> Thanks,
> Brian.

	[quoted spam snipped]

I have a procedure for dealing with spam that is at least partially
successful.  In case a spammer reads this newsgroup, however, I do not
want to make it public.  If you want my procedure, reply in this
newsgroup thread.  I will then send you an E-mail to

David E. Ross

Trump again proves he is a major source of fake news.  He wants
to cut off disaster funds to repair the damage caused by the
Woolsey Fire in southern California because he claims the state
fails to manage its forests properly.  The Woolsey Fire was NOT
a forest fire.  Starting in an industrial tract, it did not burn
through any forests.

See <http://www.rossde.com/fire.html>.
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