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Re: puzzling junk mail

On 2/5/19 3:57 PM, Wolf K wrote:
> On 2019-02-05 15:13, Brian wrote:
>> I'm baffled by the increasing amounts of e-mails I'm receiving which
>> are requests for a quotation on computer equipment, sent to my 'real'
>> address, not this one which I use for mailing lists. I've never traded
>> in computer hardware, and my address is even a .org domain, as you can
>> see.
>> Can anybody explain to me what the junk mail is trying to achieve? Is
>> it just some sort of check to see whether my address bounces? WHY?
> They want you to click on the Contact link. Don't do it. IMO, the most
> likely effect will be dumping some malware onto your computer.

I checked the raw message, there is no contact link, just an e-mail
address and phone number. If they'd been trying to get me to click on
a link, then I would understand it, but there's nothing, just that
e-mail and phone number for contact.

> If you really want to what the Contact link is/does, do a "Save As",
> and select "text" as the file type. You can then open it in a text
> editor such as Notepad, and find out what's in there without
> triggering malware, or feedback to the source, or etc.

See above! :)

>> The latest example is appended to this message.
>> Thanks,
>> Brian.
> [...]
> It's likely that your email has been scraped from one or more of your
> correspondents (including any on-line vendor that wanted your email),
> and then sold (along with thousands of others).

As you may remember from our e-mail exchange of a few days ago, I have
my own way of finding which vendors sell my e-mail address. :)

> For each such message, right click on the header, then Mark As Junk.
> Check your Junk folder every day or so to see whether legit mail has
> landed there, if so Mark that as Not Junk.

I know how to deal with it, I was just curious as to what they're
trying to achieve. Unless it's to pester the person they gave as a
contact, I simply don't understand WHY.

> FWIW, I have an email for online use only. I don't sub to mailing
> lists, if I did, I'd set up another address for that.

May I draw your attention to the first part of my address? :) Part of
the advantage of having my own domain is that I have an unlimited
number of e-mail addresses to use, they're reduced to a few mailboxes
by forwarding recipes on my mail server.

Again, for the sake of clarity, I'm *NOT* asking how to deal with the
junk, I'm just curious because I don't understand what it is that
they're trying to achieve. Pure ASCII e-mail, no links, no remote


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