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Re: puzzling junk mail

On 05/02/2019 20:51, Brian wrote:

We have a website of sorts, but once again, the contact details on
that are to a totally different address. This message came in to the
address I use for day-to-day communication.

If it for day to day use then the eMail account of your friends or relatives was hacked and they managed to steal info of everybody in that eMail account. Did you check if other people in your circle is receiving these eMails?

I have got friends who would subscribe me using my eMail to all the newsletters they think is good and spam starts to flood in so now I have decided to create special eMails such as@


now when I communicate with that friend, I use this special eMail and so if it is hacked or he/she misuses it then I know who the culprit is.

You could put numbers instead of friendsName but always make a note who that number is assigned to.

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