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Re: puzzling junk mail

On 2/5/19 3:28 PM, 😉 Good Guy 😉 wrote:
> You might have subscribed to some lists and their server was either
> hacked or they decided to sell your info to 3rd party.

OK, then in that case they've guessed to change the first part of the
address from b_lists to brian. Not difficult to guess (it's not meant
to be!) but not something I would expect that they could automate.

> I would just
> ignore them and don't even reply to them.

oh, no way do I reply to them. I was just puzzled as to what they were
trying to achieve, that's all.

> Create a filter that can
> delete these messages automatically.

Yeah, probably 'price quotation' in the body of a low-priority filter
would get them.

>  You don't want to open them
> either as by opening them, the images will load (if any) or some
> scripts will alert them that you were curious reading their message so
> they will send you even more.

I have remote content disabled by default, which I believe puts paid
to the message pixels or the scripts. All I'm seeing is what comes up
in the message pane when I step through new messages.

> Just ignore them and that's it.

I'm not doing anything with them. I was just puzzled as to what the
senders were trying to achieve.

> If you are running a website of some
> sort then don't put your email on it and instead use a form for people
> to contact you.
We have a website of sorts, but once again, the contact details on
that are to a totally different address. This message came in to the
address I use for day-to-day communication.

> Hope this helps.

Thanks for the effort, but I'm afraid not really. I know how to deal
with the junk mail - I was just wondering if anybody understood what
it is that the spammers are trying to achieve. I suppose that message
pixels embedded in the mail are a possibility.


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